Editing Services

Yo-Ling offers professional editing services for primarily academic works (applications, journal articles, book manuscripts, etc.) on a sliding scale basis. In pursuit of equity and affordability, my fees are calculated based on poverty level and minimum wage in different locations.

All jobs with a turnaround time of less than 72 hours will be charged a 1.5x rush rate.

US-based Rates

Calculated based on annual income and the 2024 U.S. Federal Poverty Guidelines
#PH = # person household
Amounts shown are in USD

Taiwan-based Rates

Calculated based on monthly income and Taiwan's 2024 Basic Wage [基本工資]
#PH = # person household
Amounts shown are in TWD

If you have special financial circumstances (such as sending remittances back home, medical expenses, providing for a minor that is not counted in your household, etc.) and need to negotiate an adjusted sliding scale rate, please get in touch with me.