Research & Engagement

November 2022 – “Asexuality Studies and Aromanticism” [無性戀/無浪漫研究]. Guest lecture given at National Taiwan University for SOC 5020: Queer Theory [酷兒理論] in Mandarin.

August 2022 – “Asexual and Aromantic Writing and Politics” [無性戀/無浪漫的書寫與政治]. Public talk given at Fembooks 女書店 in Mandarin. Summary available here.

April 2022 – “2021 Taiwan Ace Community Survey.” Presentation prepared for the Taiwan-UK Sex/Gender/Sexuality Minorities Health Research Network (TUSHRN) Taskforce.

March 2022 – “2021 Taiwan Ace Community Survey Results Talk”「2021年台灣無性戀社群問卷調查」報告發表會. Public talk given at Fembooks 女書店 in Mandarin.

May 2021 – “(Settler) Homonational Taiwan”: Departures in Traveling Theory.” North American Taiwan Studies Association 2021 Keywording Taiwan Online Conference.

November 2019 – “Ethics and Agency: Alfred Gell and the Post-Foucauldian Anthropology of Ethics.” American Anthropological Assocation 2019 Annual Meeting. Vancouver, BC, Canada.

August/September 2017 – “STS Interventions in Engineering Education: Science, Technology, and Society at the University of Virginia.” Society for Social Studies of Science 2017 Annual Meeting. Boston, MA, United States.

“Provincializing Global Asexual Identity” – forthcoming (2024) chapter prepared for the 10th anniversary edition of Asexualities: Queer and Feminist Perspectives. Routledge.