Building off prior community surveys conducted in 2014 and 2015 in Taiwan, as well as the Ace Community Survey, Daniel served as community research lead for the 台灣無性戀小組 Taiwan Asexual Group‘s 2021 Taiwan Ace Community Survey. The survey results are currently available in Mandarin only.

April 2022 – “2021 Taiwan Ace Community Survey.” Presentation prepared for the Taiwan-UK Sex/Gender/Sexuality Minorities Health Research Network (TUSHRN) Taskforce.

March 2022 – “2021 Taiwan Ace Community Survey Results Talk”「2021年台灣無性戀社群問卷調查」報告發表會. Public talk given at Fembooks 女書店 in Mandarin.

May 2021 – “(Settler) Homonational Taiwan”: Departures in Traveling Theory.” North American Taiwan Studies Association 2021 Keywording Taiwan Online Conference.

November 2019 – “Ethics and Agency: Alfred Gell and the Post-Foucauldian Anthropology of Ethics.” American Anthropological Assocation 2019 Annual Meeting. Vancouver, BC, Canada.

August/September 2017 – “STS Interventions in Engineering Education: Science, Technology, and Society at the University of Virginia.” Society for Social Studies of Science 2017 Annual Meeting. Boston, MA, United States.